St Brelades Church Defibrillator

Reverend Mark Bond accompanied by Verger Ruth White thankfully receiving the Defibrillator from Pam Le Clercq the Jersey Heart Support Group charity’s Honorary Secretary in December 2021.

Letter received from the Rector of St Brelade’s Church:

Dear JHSG Committee,

Please accept our thanks for all your support; we are delighted to now have the defibrillator in place and thank you for the donation of it. 

As you know, it is attached to the church hall which is in use daily by different groups. The church hall is opposite the church which is on the Blue Coach Island tour, and during the tourist season we have a lot of visitors to St Brelade’s Bay and the church. In addition, we have our usual Sunday services, weddings and funerals that take place in church – therefore, potentially there are a lot of different people from all walks of life who might need this life saving device. We sincerely hope that we never have to use it but are very re-assured by its presence. So, from the Rector (who is a heart patient, along with one of our cemetery attendants), from all the St Brelade parishioners in this corner of the bay, and our many visitors, we say thank you to you all!

With kind Regards

Rev Mark Bond

Rector of St Brelade’s Church 

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