Jersey Hearts FC Receives Defibrillator/JHSG Receives Donation

On November 11th at St John’s Recreational grounds the Jersey Hearts FC were presented with the latest fully automatic defibrillator which the club had been raising funds for since early September. Fortunately Melanie Crombie the club’s administrator says “Thankfully due to the power of social media Mandi Corley found our Facebook page and reached out to us, hoping that Jayden, her son, may be able to join the team which he of course has. Mandi came up with the idea that we could fundraise for a defibrillator, which although we hope to never need to use we appreciate that it can really save lives if a cardiac arrest was to occur. We cannot thank the Jersey Heart Support Group enough for assisting us in the organising of the AED machine and taking the time to come along to our match to present it to the team.”
Melanie’s husband Chris set up Jersey Hearts FC as a way to give back to the heart association as he himself was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot when he was only a few months old. Having just gone through his 3rd heart operation in January 2020 he realised the importance of not only contributing financially but also the importance of improving people’s fitness and wellbeing.
The Captain of Jersey Hearts FC Chris Crombie, then presented a £350 cheque to Mike Strong of the Jersey Heart Support Group charity which was most gratefully received.
The Deputy Chairman of the Jersey Heart Support Group proudly presented the defibrillator to the youngest team member Jayden Corley, also a heart patient.
Defibrillators are most essential to sports clubs and communities throughout the island, to date, the JSHG have presented a total of 76 defibrillators, 34 to our schools, various clubs and residential locations.
This has been made possible due to overwhelming support from so many caring individuals and corporate donations which the charity is eternally grateful for over the last 10 years.
Photography Credits: Melanie Crombie

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