Additional life saving equipment Available In St Helier


Additional Life Saving Equipment Available In St Helier The Jersey Heart Support Group ( JHSG ) have, for some time now, been making life saving equipment, in the form of heart starting machines, better known as AEDs or defibrillators, much more readily available around the island. The most recent additions, to those that are already available within St Helier, have been presented to St Andrews church, which is inside of the park at First Tower, St Thomas’ church in New Street, Liberty bus station and Police HQ on Route du Fort.  All of these have been placed inside specially [...]

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Wet Wheels


Wet Wheels The Wet Wheels charity Operations Director Dina Cook seen receiving a mobile defibrillator from Teresa Rolland of the JHSG a committee member. The Skipper Richard Hollick who operates the vessel on most trips for disabled passengers. Another worthy charity doing a marvellous job in the Island.

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Jersey Mencap


Jersey Mencap Jersey Mencap manager Alex Wiles was proudly presented with a friendly defibrillator by deputy chairman Mike Wright of the JHSG. This device will be carried around to site locations where the group are working, such as this wooded pond area in St Martin.

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Liberation Bus Station Defibrillator


Liberation Bus Station Defibrillator Liberation Bus Station Defibrillator in position prior to the official handover by Appleby who fully funded the whole operation including CPR training for the Liberty Bus management team including Appleby staff members. Affordable Electrics carried out the installation as captured here.

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British Heart Foundation, Jersey Branch


British Heart Foundation, Jersey Branch BHF Jersey Branch shared a King Street location with the JHSG to promote heart health matters. Also on this day, September 19 is Aortic Awareness day which is a rare condition which affects a small number of people, who are often unaware of it has struck the person.

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