PREVIEW EVENING RAISES FUNDS A massive thank you to Christopher Clifford of Private & Public and Russell Layton for an amazing preview evening. We successfully raised a significant amount of funds for the Jersey Heart Support Group! These funds will aid in our ongoing efforts to provide support for our islanders and improve cardiac services for the community.

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Equiom Donation


Equiom Donation Equiom Managing Director Steve Le Seelleur presents a cheque to Mike Strong and JHSG Chairman Phil Volante recently. Staff members had chosen JHSG as a charity of choice + equalled by Equiom who have supported work the Jersey Heart Support charity has carried out so well over the last 10 years.  Our most sincere thanks to Equiom. Photo credit: Robyn Wellman, Marketing Executive

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Public Access Defibrillator for Les Creux Country Park St Brelade.


Public Access Defibrillator for Les Creux Country Park St Brelade The Jersey Heart Support Group charity are very pleased that Les Creux Bowls Club have accepted the donation of an external defibrillator and cabinet which has been installed at the entrance to the clubhouse building being the most visible location in the area. The Secretary & mentor of Les Creux Bowls Club, John Mallet, says 'The defibrillator cements the Bowls Club’s desire to be part of the Community hub in this area of St Brelade. The Club has a lot to offer & has catering facilities within the clubhouse adding that new [...]

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New Defibrillator In St Johns Village


New Defibrillator In St Johns Village The JHSG charity are thrilled to have been involved with the supplying of the defibrillator for this 'upcycled' decommissioned JT telephone Kiosk at the end of the shopping parade in St John's Village. The new Connetable, Andy Jehan is certainly getting moving by arranging to take ownership of the Kiosk for a much needed Defibrillator in a very busy location. The expansion of the network of Public Access Defibrillators has now reached 81 throughout the Island, any one of these could well save a person's life. The [...]

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St Brelades Church Defibrillator


St Brelades Church Defibrillator Reverend Mark Bond accompanied by Verger Ruth White thankfully receiving the Defibrillator from Pam Le Clercq the Jersey Heart Support Group charity's Honorary Secretary in December 2021. Letter received from the Rector of St Brelade’s Church: Dear JHSG Committee, Please accept our thanks for all your support; we are delighted to now have the defibrillator in place and thank you for the donation of it.  As you know, it is attached to the church hall which is in use daily by different groups. The church hall is opposite the church which is [...]

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Jersey Hearts FC Receives Defibrillator/JHSG Receives Donation


Jersey Hearts FC Receives Defibrillator/JHSG Receives Donation On November 11th at St John’s Recreational grounds the Jersey Hearts FC were presented with the latest fully automatic defibrillator which the club had been raising funds for since early September. Fortunately Melanie Crombie the club’s administrator says “Thankfully due to the power of social media Mandi Corley found our Facebook page and reached out to us, hoping that Jayden, her son, may be able to join the team which he of course has. Mandi came up with the idea that we could fundraise for a defibrillator, which although we hope to [...]

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