Get fit on Monday evenings


Jersey Heart Support Group exercise sessions are held at St Brelades Bay Church Hall, St Brelade every Monday evening from 6.30pm until 7.30pm. There’s plenty of parking nearby in the car park a short distance up the hill from the hall. The charge per exercise session is £3 and you only pay on the day. All the exercise equipment is provided for a cardiac rehab-style workout. Both Fitness Trainers are CPR, First Aid & AED qualified-with a first aid kit and defibrillator on site for each session.

We have all the equipment needed for a simple rehab-style workout and you can also test your blood pressure if you wish.Tea and coffee is available after the session if anyone wants to stay for a chat.

Trainer Cesare Ranieri explains what happens at the exercise sessions and a why they are good for us.‘The exercise classes are designed to follow on from the cardiac rehabilitation physiotherapy hospital sessions and I am qualified in exercise cardiac rehabilitation, first aid and the use of a defibrillator, which is in the hall. A screening process is undertaken before commencing exercise and blood pressure can be monitored before and after the sessions.

The circuit classes are conducted using peripheral heart action (PHA) training, a resistance and aerobic based circuit workout, that aims to keep the heart rate elevated for the duration of the session with a variety of equipment suitable for all levels of ability. The smaller muscles around the heart are worked on first before the larger muscles around the body’s periphery. PHA training alternates from upper body to lower body and back again. Improving muscular strength and endurance, through resistance training, boosts muscle mass, reduces body fat and minimises the risk of developing further health issues.

Members of the JHSG who participate in the weekly circuit classes know that exercise plays an important role in leading a healthier lifestyle; increases their quality of life; helps them manage their condition and look after their heart. Regular exercise maintains functional independence with ageing; increasing stability, balance and coordination; making bones and muscles stronger and developing better posture, joint function and flexibility. All of which are vital in ensuring that the best possible range of movement is sustained as we age’.

We look forward to seeing you there.

For more information on the exercise classes please contact:

Cesare Ranieri 07797 915 571 or Catherine Allsopp 07700 723 332.

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